In these pages, we'll discuss a bit about each character. I'll outline what each character can do, what their important moves look like, discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and a handful of neat tricks you can incorporate.

Explore the characters using the visualizations below. Hover over a category to see its description. Click the link to the character page when you're ready to learn more!

You may also be interested in a document containing fully hand-verified frame data for each character in the game. Bookmark this page for easy referencing at any time.

Rank Mode

Rank Mode

Disclaimer: These ratings are my own opinion and are open to debate. These graphs are fun to play with, but they do not paint the whole picture; each character has many different strengths and weaknesses that can't be adequately reflected in the graphs, so you should use them as a playful comparison between characters on a subset of their abilities. In particular, do not use the "Total" rankings as a tier list. Especially in Rank Mode, the difference between characters ten ranks apart is often razor-thin and highly subjective. For more accurate assessments, please read the character pages.

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