Credits & Resources


  • Iron Galaxy Studios, Double Helix Games, and Microsoft Studios: For making a great game, and responding to specific questions that helped make this guide more accurate.
  • The KI Community at For interesting discussions which influenced the direction of this guide, and undoubtedly several direct tips I absorbed randomly.
  • My local FGC friends: For various proofreading help, design and content discussions, constructive feedback, and encouragement. If you like guides in this style, you may be interested in my friend blackadde's excellent Rindoukan Bible, a SFIV Makoto guidebook.
  • Armshouse TV: For the Daigo vs Gamerbee footage.
  • HughBoyZilla: For the Orchid safejump against Sabrewulf.


There are lots of great resources if you want to learn more about Killer Instinct, or start watching some of the world's best players! (Note: please contact me if there is a resource you would like to see added to this page)

  • Forums: The developer's forums. Many KI fans discuss the game and its strategy here, plus you can give feedback directly to Iron Galaxy.
  • Forums: The hub for discussing Killer Instinct on the most popular all-around fighting game forum.
  • Vesper Arcade Youtube tutorial: A helpful multi-part video guide that discusses KI's systems and strategies.
  • Maximilian's Killer Instinct Tutorial Series (Part 1, Part 2): One of the more well-known FGC personalities discusses KI's systems and strategies. His channel also has a wealth of match videos.
  • FRQ Steve: A noted SoCal Sabrewulf player, his Youtube channel contains character breakdowns and other useful KI content.
  • Mr. Grimmmz (Youtube, Twitch): Strong and friendly Jago player who streams several times per week. Youtube channel has dozens of hours of footage.
  • CD jr. (Twitch): Evolution 2014 Killer Instinct champion.
  • Rico Suave (Twitch): Strong multi-character specialist streams regularly.
  • Level Up Live (Youtube, Twitch): Fighting game content produced by FGC veteran Alex Valle. Lots of Killer Instinct content, including the Online Warrior Championship tournament series.
  • Official Killer Instinct Channel (Twitch): Official channel that invites guest community streamers to play online matches and discuss the game a few times per week.
  • CStyles45 (Twitch): Kan-Ra and Glacius player often invited on the official KI channel.

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